What is a landfill?
Landfills are required to manage wastes that cannot be otherwise recycled. As defined by EPA, landfills are an important part of Victoria’s waste management infrastructure. The siting, design, management and rehabilitation of landfills requires a high level of technical design and professional management to ensure that the environment is protected, and community expectations are met.

What type of waste does MBC currently accept?
MBC is currently licensed by EPA to dispose of to fully engineered and EPA approved landfill cells, commercial and industrial wastes that arise from commercial, industrial or trade activities and includes construction and demolition wastes. MBC is not licensed to accept asbestos.

What are buffer distances?
Appropriate buffer distance must be maintained between the landfill and sensitive land uses (receptors) to protect those receptors from any potential impacts resulting from a failure of landfill design or management or abnormal weather conditions.

What are the recommended buffer distances for MBC’s current operations?
EPA recommends the following separation distances for uses that are currently permitted at MBC Open cut coal mining – 1000 metres (from extraction boundary) Open windrow composting – 2000 metres Landfills accepting category C contaminated soil – 500 metres.

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