Press Release: Waste to Energy Project at Maddingley Brown Coal-15 June, 2018

MBC in Bacchus Marsh has been operating as a landfill since 1978. Due to the large buffers, potential waste capacity and strategic importance in the acceptance of metal recycling residues the site has been designated by the Government as a waste hub of State significance.

The Energy from Waste (EfW) industry is well established globally, converting suitable waste to create electricity and heat, substituting the need for coal and other fossil fuels in energy generation.

Investigation of the existing landfill waste stream by MBC has found that it contains materials such as clean timber and plastic film that are suitable for conversion into a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) that can be used to generate electricity.

The introduction of an Energy from Waste facility at Maddingley will be accompanied by increased waste sorting systems to maximise recovery and recycling rates. Residual wastes will be landfilled.

This project will be operated within the existing buffers that are in place for the current mining and composting activities at the MBC site. The Project is being designed to meet European and Victorian EPA emission targets, as well as community concerns.

The combined benefits of the Energy from Waste project includes:

  • Diversion of waste from landfill, resulting in the reduced creation of methane and the increased lifetime of the landfill
  • Development of local, base-load electricity and gas sources
  • Creation of an estimated 60 permanent jobs, with additional jobs during construction phases
  • Creation of opportunities for local businesses to stimulate the regional economy
  • Increase in the region’s capacity manage waste
  • Reduction in methane gas emissions from landfill

The Maddingley Brown Coal Community Consultative Committee (MBCCC) has been informed about the proposals. As the project further develops, MBC will apply for regulatory approvals and consult with residents and other stakeholders. The MBCCC will be informed and engaged throughout the process.

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